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covRyan Howland Musical Awakening

Ryan Howland is a seventeen-year-old violinist who enjoys life like any other ordinary person. There is only one thing that sets him apart from all other teenagers his age—his passion for music. However, he does not aim to play music just for fun or to be an average violinist in an orchestra. He has a vision. He sees himself in the future as one of the most dazzling virtuoso sensations in the world, performing on all of the world’s largest stages and most famed concert halls. In the eyes of his friends and family, his desire and ambition is almost inhuman. Thousands of relentless hours shedding sweat and tears have been devoted to his practice. His persistence and willpower is incomparable. While his fingers dance skillfully across the fingerboard and his bow flies with a grace few can achieve, he sets out on his long and disciplined path to becoming one of the best violinists the world is yet to see.